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Armpit Lumps: How An Armpit Ultrasound Diagnoses the Causing Factor?

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Armpit lumps are common in both males and females but they may vary in color and sizes. There are multiple causes that can lead to lump formation. When you experience the development of a lump in your armpit, make sure you do not avoid it. Seeking medical help is always the best way to get more effective treatment. Sometimes, the lumps go away on their own but a few causes can lead to serious conditions. To evaluate the causing factor, the best way is to perform an Armpit/Axilla Ultrasound that gives a detailed image. 

This article will help you learn about the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of armpit lumps.

What is an Armpit Lump?

An armpit lump feels like a bump under the arm. Multiple causes can lead to the development of swelling or bumps under your arms. The causes often include cysts, infections, swollen lymph nodes, etc. It often indicates that your body is fighting an infection. Fatty growth can also develop lumps under the armpit.

Let’s explore a few causing factors of lumps in detail.

What Can Cause Armpit Lumps?

Multiple factors can develop armpit lumps. Some are common and not harmful but a few may need immediate medical treatment. Abnormal tissue growth is also a direct cause of lumps in the armpit. But it can be caused by some underlying conditions. The most common causes include:


A rogue cell in the bone marrow develops leukemia which is a form of cancer. It impacts the white blood cells of the immune system. The treatment may vary as it depends on the severity and type of lump formation. 

Hair Follicle Issues

Multiple reasons can cause hair follicle problems that often develop armpit lumps. The most common causes are boils, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, Hidradenitis suppurativa, cysts, etc. 

Skin Problems

Having skin irritation or itchiness often develops bumps under your armpit. Sometimes, sweating while doing a physical activity in hot weather can also lead to skin problems.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

An illness or infection brings on multiple symptoms that you may experience. Your body reacts to certain infections in different ways. For example, the upper respiratory infection often leads to swollen lymph nodes. You can also get high-accuracy results from cancerous axillary lymph node ultrasound. An ultrasound diagnostic procedure can help to assess the lymph nodes with all the details, according to NCBI.


An injury can also be a reason for a lump under the armpit. Playing sports or performing an intense physical activity can put you at high risk of injury. 

Viral, Fungal, and Bacterial Infection

A wide range of viral infections can potentially cause bumps in your armpits. The flu is also the causing factor of bumps.


Not every lump is harmful but a few can be. Multiple types of tumors are harmless and can go away on their own. But a few are cancerous types that need medical treatment. Using an armpit ultrasound can help to find the real cause.

How An Armpit Ultrasound Helps in the Diagnosis of Lumps?

An ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive, and fast diagnostic procedure that gives immediate results. It involves a transducer that looks like a microphone. A transducer emits sound waves of high frequency beneath the skin. It also collects the waves that are echoed back from the internal body. When these sound waves are hit by dense objects inside the body, they bounce back and create an image on the computer screen. Fortunately, sound waves react to every tissue type in a different way. It helps a lot when it comes to evaluating a cyst or other fatty growth. Using sound waves can also help in diagnosing tumors.

How We Perform an Armpit Ultrasound?

The very first diagnostic procedure your healthcare provider will suggest is sonography. An ultrasound is a safe method that provides real-time images without any incision or painful factor. A transducer is used to send sound waves beneath your skin. Before performing an ultrasound, your healthcare provider will apply a gel to prevent the air gap. It helps a doctor or technician to move a transducer in a better direction. This is also an effective way to get a detailed image of the internal side of the armpit. RIZ Ultrasound uses advanced equipment to perform Armpit/Axilla Ultrasound in Glasgow. Our ultrasound specialists perform the procedure as they are well-trained and make the patients comfortable. 

What are the Symptoms of Armpit Lumps?

A bump or lump is itself a symptom that can be associated with a number of diseases and conditions. The size or color may vary as it depends on the causing factor. These lumps may appear hard or soft. The fatty growth or harmless armpit lumps are soft to the touch while tumors can bring these bumps in hard form. 

If the lumps are painful, they indicate an infection. Having an infection also brings on other symptoms, such as fever, night sweats, etc. If you experience lumps that increase in size and do not go away, visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Note: Treatment for armpit lumps may vary as it depends on the causing factor.

When You Should See Your Doctor

Changes in the size of lumps under your arm indicate a serious underlying condition. If they are hard to touch and painful, schedule your appointment. Starting with an armpit ultrasound can help to diagnose the causing factor as it helps to evaluate a cyst or tumor. At RIZ Ultrasound, our professionals use advanced technology to provide you with the best diagnostic results. With a rich medical history, we will feel happy to provide our quality diagnostic services. 

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