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How an Ultrasound helps with the Diagnosis of Hand and Wrist Lumps?

Ultrasound Scans
Hand and Wrist Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a safe and quickest diagnostic approach that helps to identify and treat conditions and diseases, including lumps. It might be possible that you may notice one day a lump on your wrist and hand. You should not avoid it and must visit your physician as soon as possible. Do you know why? Because early diagnosis allows you to get proper treatment that gives the best chance of recovery. 

This article will help you learn what can cause lumps and how Hand and Wrist Ultrasound can detect the cause. 

What Conditions Causes Lumps on Hands and Wrists?

A lump may occur due to a variety of reasons that can be benign or caused by a serious condition. Sometimes, a lump occurs when something affects your bone, cartilage malignancies, and soft tissues. 

There is a range of common issues that can give rise to lumps in your hands or wrists, such as:

Giant Cell Tumours

They are benign growths that can form on the lining, tendons’ sheath, and the soft tissues inside the joint. Giant cell tumours are easy to remove but they can regrow. 

Dupuytren Disease

It is an abnormal thickening of fascia, in the palm of your hand at the fingers base. The most common risk factor for developing Dupuytren disease is genetics.


It forms in cartilage and is a type of noncancerous bone tumor. Enchondroma can also occur in the legs or arms. It can weaken your bones and increase the risk of fracture. 

Ganglion Cysts

It is a fluid-filled lump that occurs under the skin over a joint and in the tendons of your wrist and hand. These cysts can also affect the sheath that covers your knuckles joints and tendons.

Inclusion Cysts

A penetrating wound in fingers or hands can lead to inclusion cysts. The affected cells grow inside the healed wound, which leads to benign growth. 

Warts and Calluses

An infection which is known as papillomavirus HPV can cause warts. It can spread by sharing a towel with the infected person. Callus is a thickened skin on your hands or wrists as they are a protection skin thickening reaction after an injury. 

Trigger Finger

A node on the tendon can make it difficult for your finger to move. Some factors can put you at risk, such as females over age 50, diabetes, low thyroid function, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Vascular Conditions

Some abnormalities may occur in your blood vessels or in the lymphatic system. Such conditions can cause lumps on the wrist or hand. 

Arthritis-based Hands and Wrists

It is a fact that rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can bring on multiple symptoms. Lumps and bumps are also a symptom of arthritis. 

What Hand and Wrist Ultrasound Can Detect?

After the technology evolution, the latest diagnostic techniques have a high accuracy rate. Doctors can get a clear yet real-time view of lumps in hands and wrists. Experts in the Ultrasound of Hand and Wrist in Glasgow say that compared to other imaging tests, an ultrasound gives a dynamic and detailed view of tendons, limited finger movement, fluid buildup, inflammation, pain in fingers, palm, or wrist, etc. 

How Sonogprahy is Done to Diagnose the Causing Factor of Lumps?

Your doctor may ask you to remove jewelry and to wear a hospital gown. You need to place your hand on an exam board where a technician can take a detailed view. A gel is applied on the affected area that prevents the air bubbles formation. Because they can interfere with the results. A transducer is used to send sound waves inside your skin to produce real-time results, according to NCBI. When they are hit by dense objects, they generate clear images on a computer screen. 

The Bottom Line

If you feel pain and see a lump on your hand or wrist, visit your physician. The common causes of lumps are not serious but rare conditions can cause severe effects. It is better to see a doctor as early treatment gives more effective healing results. Your doctor will perform hand & wrist ultrasounds to diagnose the causing factor. We at RIZ Ultrasound use advanced tools to perform sonography to provide you with the best results. 

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