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Lumps & Bumps – Why You Need an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound Scans
Lumps & Bumps Ultrasound

Bumps and lumps in any area of your body are not a serious condition. The severity or type of lumps and bumps depends on the causing factor. Many conditions can cause these bumps in any part of your body. A lumps and bumps ultrasound helps to detect tissues and the surrounding areas. Let’s find out more about their causes and why Lumps and Bumps Ultrasound is critical. 

What are the Causes of Lumps and Bumps?

An ultrasound helps to see the damaged tissues and the blockage of arteries. There are multiple causes of lumps and bumps. Some are harmful, but most commonly, they are not dangerous. 

The following are the possible causes of lumps and bumps in your body:

  • Changes in the skin
  • Cysts
  • Hernias
  • Lipomas
  • Ganglions
  • Soft Tissue swelling and lumps
  • Unexplained swelling in body parts
  • Foreign bodies

People often do not show concern when they see lumps on their skin. They are not harmful most of the time but may indicate a serious health issue that needs proper treatment. To detect the causing factor, you need to perform a lumps and bumps ultrasound. The other causes of lumps may also include:

  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Tendinitis

Ultrasound evaluates the different types of cysts, their shape, and size which often eliminate the need for a biopsy in some cases, according to NCBI

Importance of Lumps and Bumps Ultrasound

Doctors perform an ultrasound to diagnose the composition of lumps. It helps to see the difference between a tumor and a cyst. An ultrasound involves high-frequency sound waves that create images on a computer screen. 

A small transducer is used to transmit sound waves, and they record back when these waves bounce. These waves travel in the body until a tissue or fluid hits them. These soft tissues or bones are captured by these sound waves as they return and create images on computer screens. 

Most tumors are benign, and malignant tumors appear in different shapes and sizes. In some cases, ultrasound is performed as a primary test that is also used to perform a biopsy. 

When to See a Doctor

A person may rarely develop an unexplained lump or bump on the skin. If it appears beneath the skin, it is concerning. Serious bumps appear large in size and feel painful when you touch them. They can develop in any part of your skin. When you experience such a condition, you should visit a doctor and get medical help. RIZ Ultrasound provides the best Ultrasound Services in Glasgow. You can book your appointment anytime with our professionals. We use advanced equipment to evaluate the health issues and provide high-accuracy results.

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