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Most Common Foot Injuries You Need to Know

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Walking without any pain or discomfort is a blessing for every person. However, some foot injuries can cause mild to severe pain and make it difficult to walk. There are 26 bones, and 33 joints with more than a hundred tendons, ligaments, and muscles that provide support to the foot and make it easy to walk. Damage to tissues inside the foot can lead to certain types of injuries. When doctors notice foot injury symptoms and signs, a Foot Ultrasound is performed to evaluate the condition. 

This article will help you learn what common foot injuries you can experience and how sonography helps in diagnosis. 

Common Foot Injuries

Sometimes, a twist to your foot or walking on an uneven surface can cause injury or compress the muscles of your foot. There are some common injuries that you may experience, such as:

Stress Fracture

Severe sports injuries can lead to stress fractures. These sports activities include dance, basketball, running, or performing any type of high-impact activity. Damaged muscles transmit the stress to the bone. When you experience a crack, it can cause severe pain. These cracks are more likely to occur in the second and third metatarsals. It may take six to eight weeks for the healing process. When you experience severe pain, visit your doctor and perform an ultrasound to view the potential damage.

Heel Spurs

It happens when there is a buildup of calcium deposits on the heel bone bottom. Heel spurs are not the reason to cause pain in the foot, but they can cause discomfort in the plantar fascia that brings on pain in heels. 


Wearing shoes that are too tight or high-heeled can compress the nerves in your foot. Third and fourth toes are more likely to get hurt by such condition, which is known as neuromas. You feel pain or numbness in the foot. You can prevent the neuromas by using padding in shoes and wearing low heels. If you feel severe pain, you should see your healthcare provider. A foot ultrasound helps to diagnose plantar neuroma, says NCBI

Plantar Fasciitis

When you rest for a while and step out of your bed, you may experience pain. It indicates that you may have plantar fasciitis or inflammation of the tissue band. This tissue connects your toes to your heels on the foot bottom. Lifting extra weight or performing high-impact sports can lead to this condition. 

How A Foot Ultrasound Helps in Foot Injury Diagnosis?

A foot ultrasound is a diagnostic technique that doctors use to see the internal images of the body. It involves high-frequency sound waves that go inside your body and create images on the computer screen when they bounce back. A probe is used to send these sound waves inside the body. Using sonography doctors can evaluate the condition of damaged tissues and the surrounding area. It helps them to choose the right treatment plan for the recovery process. When you experience severe pain or swelling, get medical help. Sometimes, an ultrasound is used to perform other diagnostic procedures, such as biopsy. 

The Bottom Line

To evaluate the condition and damaged tissues, a foot ultrasound plays a critical role. Foot injuries cause common signs, including pain and swelling. Performing high-impact physical activities or lifting weights and high heels or tight shoes can lead to nerve compression. You should avoid such things that can cause foot injuries. A foot ultrasound is important as it helps doctors to see damaged tissues, ligaments, and tendons. RIZ Ultrasound is a leading Clinic of Ultrasound in Glasgow. You can book your appointment at our clinic as we use advanced equipment for high-accuracy results. 

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